Welcome! Cześć!

Welcome to Full House!

Full House represents an international film project with 42 young people from Bristol, Hanover and Poznan. Together and under the guidance of film professionals we have been working on our film with a “migration background” since September 2008.

Jarek and Agata have had to fend for themselves in Poznan since their parents accepted work in Hanover two years ago. Agata misses her parents and plans a surprise visit. On the other hand Jarek would rather avoid his parents as well as certain people in Poznan. Knowing that his parents won’t be there, he jumps on the bus to Hanover – at the last minute. Upon arriving in Hanover the siblings, by chance, end up at “Full House “ – a guest house for young people, where they meet other teenagers going through the process of becoming adults, trying to define themselves as people apart from their parents and in their on right while at the same time missing them. The “Full House” residents get to know each other…

The film will of course also be titled “Full House“. Those who would like to know more about the project, the origin of the film or its presentation are welcome to poke around the site or to contact us directly. 

The Project Team